10 Animals that are metas as fuck (10 Pictures)

1. The Harpy Eagle’s talons are almost as big as bear claws, and they use them to scoop up other animals like this foolish monkey AND other birds like parrots and vultures. Woah, cannibalism!


2. Don’t be fooled by their size- the Black Swallower devours their prey in one. fucking. gulp.


3. The Emei Toad has a mustache made out of spines, which grows during nesting season. They use it to STAB other male Emeis for the best nesting spot.


4. The Saddleback Caterpillar’s bites are worse than bee stings, but they’re mostly on the list because of their God-given Slipknot masks.


5. Bet you didn’t know that starfish shoot their stomachs out of their bodies to catch prey. After that, they swallow their prey WHOLE and bring their stomachs back inside themselves.


6. Hippos make their own self-sunscreen, BUT their sunscreen makes it look like they’re sweating blood. HARDCORE.


7. The Torritopsis Nutricula Jellyfish. This little bad ass can restart its own lifespan, so it’s essentially immortal


8. The Pink Dragon Millipede shoots cyanide at its predators for protection. Straight poison.


9. Stonefish have 13 needle-like fin spines which squirt toxins that could result in tissue death and paralysis. Oh, and you can’t see them coming because they often blend in with coral. Surprise! You’re dead.


10. Horned Lizards shoot blood from their eyes. Enough said.


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