9 Cheaters Served Instant Karma (9 Pictures)





This is what can happen if you get caught cheating while at work. The guy in the fancy pink shirt, who is clearly a manager of sorts, got caught by his girlfriend while with a mistress on a work break. So he is forced to act as a punching bag as the women try to attack each-other.





This is a unique angle of cheating, the I don’t give a f*ck method. The boyfriend of this cheater received a tip from his girlfriend’s housemate that she was cheating on him. So he came to her house to record the cheater in action. The strangest part is that once he busts in on them, neither the cheating girlfriend or boy toy seem to care at all.


After this woman caught her boyfriend cheating on her, she had a ruthless idea to get revenge on him. She decided to upload a video online of her and another man naked in bed together. She taunts her ex saying “Joke’s on you mate, because I cheated on you too.” Then the two share a warm kiss. Just plain brutal!

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